Welcome to Talking Fields

Learn about Skagit agriculture at your own pace!

Have you ever wondered what is growing in the farm fields as you drive past?  Why farmers plow a certain way?  What all the drainage ditches are for?  Then Talking Fields is for you.  Talking Fields is a self-guided tour that will take you all around the Skagit Delta, from the dike and drainage infrastructure to the farms and farm fields where over $300 million in farmgate value is produced annually.

The Talking Fields tour will help you explore the generational farm history, crop information, unique environmental conditions and artisan traditions of the Skagit Delta.

How it Works

Using QR Code technology and your mobile phone, you can follow a detailed map and/or use GPS driving directions to each of our growing number of Talking Fields sites across the Skagit Delta. As you discover them, simply snap a picture using the QR Code reader on your mobile phone or dial the phone number on the sign to access multimedia content about your surroundings.