Multimedia Tour

Go at your own pace: access a self-guided tour on your smart device

Take me to the guided tour!

Our guided tour will give you driving directions to each of the sites. If you are entering Skagit County from the south on I-5 N, our suggested first stop is Dike District #3. If entering Skagit from the north end, check out Taylor Shellfish Farms and work your way down into the Skagit delta.

As you travel from site to site you may find places to stop, such as farm stands, farmers markets, restaurants and shops in the area. Take some time to enjoy the Magic Skagit!

Use your phone’s QR code reader to access the guided tour anytime

Each Talking Field sign has a unique QR code. Using your mobile phone device, snap a picture or scan the QR code at any site to access the guided tour at any time.


Code readers are free and easy to install:
Download a QR code reader for iPhone
Download a QR code reader for Android

Analog Phones

In addition to a QR code, each Talking Field site has a phone number that you can call to access the audio content.  It is a local area number, so depending on where your phone is registered you may be charged for a long-distance call by your phone provider per your contract agreement.

Safety Tips

  • Use caution when pulling into or out of Talking Field locations and be courteous to other drivers.
  • Respect the Talking Field location.  Please do not litter.
  • Obey speed limits and traffic laws.
  • Wear your seat belt and use directional signals.

Listen Online

This is a great option if you can only make it to a few of the stops, or want to explore the tour stops out of order. Each track corresponds with a stop on the Talking Fields tour.

Field 1: Cedardale


Field 2: Dike District #3


Field 3: Department of Fish & Wildlife Goose Reserve


Field 4: Mesman Dairy


Field 5: Hedlin Family Farms


Field 6: McLean Road Site


Field 7: La Conner Flats


Field 8: WSU Extension


Field 9: Taylor Shellfish Farms


Field 10: Samish Bay Cheese


Enjoy Talking Fields!