About SPF

Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland

The Talking Fields multimedia tour is brought to you by Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland (SPF). Founded in 1989, the mission of SPF is to ensure the economic viability of Skagit County agriculture and its required infrastructure through farmland protection, advocacy, research, education, and public awareness. SPF is a non-profit organization with a broad base of financial and community support. SPF began with only 32 members in 1989, and is now over 800 members strong with supporters from Bellingham to Seattle and literally across the United States. SPF works to accomplish its mission through the dedicated work of its Board of Directors, staff, and an active volunteer base.

SPF has a simply stated mission, but one that is very complex to implement. In addition to protecting farmland, SPF works to help the community to understand that simply saving farmland isn’t sufficient to keep the agricultural industry viable. SPF has identified four key elements to the long term viability of agriculture that can be visualized as a “four-legged stool.” The four key elements are farmland protection, economic viability, agricultural infrastructure, and community support. If one leg is weakened, farms can still have some stability, but SPF tries to pay attention simultaneously to all four legs of the stool.